Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 65

May Release It Takes a Cat Burglar (Cont.) Excerpt: A glimmer of heat flashed. “If you want your questions answered, you will sit. Do not defy me. There will be consequences.” Unmoved by the threat, she pressed her lips in a tight line and narrowed her eyes. If it was a battle of wills he wanted, she’d be happy to oblige. He stared pointedly at her. “Do you want answers?” She balled her hands into fists. He had her. Without looking at him, she sat. “Good girl.” She shot her gaze up to him. Gods. I’d like to wipe that smirk from your face. Or kiss it away. What the hell was wrong with her? She should look out for herself, not sink deeper under his thrall. He abruptly dropped his feet to the floor and sat forward, his gaze aimed so sharply at her that she jerked back. “There’s a price for my services. It’s time for you to pay.” Publishing Info, Buy Links, and Contact Info: Publisher: Hot Sauce Publishing ISBN: 9780998912509 Amazon ASIN: B0727MJK45 BUY LINK: Amazon: dp/B0727MJK45 Genre: Suspense Warnings: Violence, Graphic Sex Heat Level: R Format: Print and Kindle Length: 106 Pages 65 Prices: Print: $6.99 E-Book: $2.99 Author Website: Author Blog: category/all-posts/ Facebook: cailinbriste/ Twitter: Amazon Author Page: https:// B00GSX9QVW 09