Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 62

May Release By: P. J. MacLayne The Baron’s Cufflinks May 5, 2017 The Plot: What starts as Girl’s Night Out ends in murder, and Harmony Duprie is a suspect. She’s innocent, of course, but with no alibi, the sheriff’s department won’t remove her from the list of suspects. It doesn’t help when a waitress from the bar gets beaten up and the only clue is a slip of paper with Harmony’s name on it. Throw in a rookie deputy dead set on building his reputation, and Harmony must tread carefully. But caution isn’t Harmony’s middle name, and she plunges headfirst into danger to defend her honor. What she finds is a web of half-truths and suspicions implicating several law enforce- ment agencies, with Jake, her ex-lover, stuck in the middle of it all. Can Harmony rescue Jake and find the real culprit before she becomes the next victim? Review ***** Cornelia Amiri and Maeve Alpin Wrote on Amazon: “I ab- solutely love the spunky, independent, charming librarian/researcher protagonist— Harmony Duprie. She calls her car ‘Delores’…and her gun ‘Betsy.’ And her driving skills in evading cars when they tail Delores are exceptional.” customer-reviews/R111TYNS0KI7KN Biography: Born and raised among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, P. J. MacLayne still finds inspiration for her boo ́ѡЁ͍Ḿѕȁ䁑䁅)ɥѕȁ䁹Ёݡɕѱ䁱ٕ́ѡ͡܁ѡI5չх̸]͡é)ɽЁѕȁ͍ɕ͡Ёչɥѡɽ́ѡɉ)ѥɕ́ɭ̸%ѥѼѡɕ]ٕϊdѽɥ̰́͡ͼѡѡȁ)ѡ=ɽ͕ٔɥ̸((