Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 6

P. J. MACLAYNE (Cont.) THE BARON’S CUFFLINKS BLURB EXCERPT What starts as girls’ night out ends in murder, and Harmony Duprie is a suspect. She’s innocent, of course, but with no alibi, the sher- iff’s department won’t remove her from the list of sus- pects. It doesn’t help when a waitress from the bar gets beaten up and the only clue is a slip of paper with Har- mony’s name on it. Throw in a rookie deputy dead set on building his reputation, and Harmony must tread care- fully. But caution isn’t Harmony’s middle name, and she plunges headfirst into danger to defend her honor. What she finds is a web of half-truths and suspicions implicating several law enforcement agencies, with Jake, her ex-lover, stuck in the middle of it all. Can Harmony rescue Jake and find the real culprit before she becomes the next victim? I noticed what appeared to be a leather-bound book half-buried under some old college textbooks. I set them aside, picked the book up with my other hand, and rubbed my forehead in puzzlement. As thick as the vol- ume was, it should have weighed more. I ran one finger across the gold-embossed title. Wolf’s Knight, Tasha’s Tale. Another unknown. I gingerly lifted the cover, half afraid the book would fall apart. The book was hollowed out to create a hiding place. Inside the empty space was a small, purple, velvet-covered box. I hesitated for the briefest of moments before taking the box out and setting it on top of the nearest stack of books. My mind raced as I imagined what the box contained. A diamond ring? A pair of fancy earrings? Or just some child’s plastic beads? With unsteady hands, I lifted the lid. ***** Amazon Review by Number4wy: “P. J., if that's his real name, continues to surprise me with his amazing storytelling. Spot on player. Spot on.” https:// 6