Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 51

August Release An Heiress in Disguise (Cont.) Excerpt: “Stop it before I do something we both will regret,” he said, lowering his head until their noses almost met. Feeling his breath against her lips stirred something inside her, and she couldn’t hold back a shiver of delight. Mesmerized, she stared at him. “Whatever you say, my lord.” His gaze turned darker, hotter, and before she could think one straight thought he low- ered his head until their lips almost touched. “What would you say if I do the unthinkable and kiss you?” “Thank you?” He stared at her for a second, as if in shock over her honest and direct approach. His normal coldness disappeared as he reluctantly smiled down at her. Slowly, he lifted one hand and put it around her neck, stroking the sensitive skin of her neck with his thumb. “Remember that you asked for it,” he whispered. Publishing Info, Buy Links, and Contact Info: Publisher: The Wild Rose Press ISBN: 978-1-5092-1530-0 Amazon ASIN: B073MS1BRJ BUY LINKS: The ]I͔Aɕ聡輼)хѡݥɽ͕ɕ̹)ѥѱ̼ܵɕ̵͝ե͔ѵ)͕ɍ}Օȭݕɕձ)齸聡輽MQY1X) 8聡輼)ܹɹͅ)ܼ)ɔ!ѽɥI)]ɹM)!Ё1ٕH()ɵAɥЁ 5ձѥȴ))1ѠA)Aɥ)Aɥ耐Ը) 耐и)ѡȁ]ͥє聡輼)ܹݕ)聡輽ܹ)ݕ)Qݥѕ聡輽ܹݥѕȹ)ݕ)齸ѡȁA聡輼)ܹ齸)ȵ]) \X(