Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 50

August Release An Heiress in Disguise By: Jennifer Wenn August 30, 2017 The Plot: Hell will freeze over before Miss Philomena Aubrey willingly marries the insufferable Honorable Luther Whyte. Her mother angled Mina’s quite hefty dowry in front of the vicar and secured him, but Mina still resisted. When Mrs. Aubrey threatens to force her into the marriage, Mina’s father hides his daughter with a friend of his as he leaves for an extended business trip. A wounded war hero, burdened by guilt after inadvertently sending his French fiancée to death, Lord James Darling keeps his family as far away from his tormented heart as pos- sible. But as he keeps bumping into his mother’s new lady’s maid, he grows suspicious. Is she a spy? He sets out to expose her, only to find himself mesmerized by her feistiness and her warm heart. ***** RomCon Review by Liz: “I loved this story! I enjoyed learning about the rela- tionship between Mina and her parents, and how it grew throughout the story line.” Biography: Jennifer Wenn has been a great lover of romantic books since she read her first his- torical romance at a tender age. When not enjoying life with her husband and their four children, she spends every last precious minute writing. 50 11