Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 42

April Release By: Laura Strickland Words & Dreams April 18, 2017 The Plot: Dorothea Sinclair has left her small hometown in Maine and come to Boston to begin a career as a newspaper reporter. But so far her job on the Guardian has proved disappoint- ing. More skivvy than reporter, she’s even been subjected to a humiliating proposition from the chief editor’s son. She needs a break but never expects it might come from a chance meeting with an Irish ruffian. There’s a great deal of injustice in Boston, and O’Hare, embroiled in his fight for equality on behalf of Boston’s Irish, is vVv&RbBvVR&W67VW2F&FV( 2BFRvFW&g&B^( 27W'&6VBFV&6^( 2&W'FW"BvV6RffW'2FR"ЧGVGF7FFR266RFRwV&FvB6RF'WB66WCN( 2FRW&fV7B66RFWB2G&V2F2vv&G>( FBFRǒ7W&RvF6VRW"v&WfWw2vV6R&w&&&B&6VBvW7FW&Wr&W&7G&6B2W'7VVBƖfVrFW&W7G0&RVvVBv2BW62&VfV7FVBW"w&FrFVv6RfW2FG&fV6R2W7VǒW7BBRBf"g&RF&vFW"W6&BBW"( gW 6B( &W67VRFrWF"b66GF6&6W2FWf&62v6VBvBv2"&VCvBGfVGW&RBFR&rf"2vV2FRwV&F2b6W"ЧvBG&w667FrbFVvFW"b6W'vB6b6W'vBB&Bb6W'vB6R26V&Ɨ6VBF&VR7FVV&6W2FVBG6S'Vff7FVVBЧfVGW&RfbFW#'Vff7FVVGfVGW&RB6VW"FW73'Vff7FVVBЧfVGW&R2vV2Gv6&7F2fV2FRFVF7VF"B'26W2BFRfr6BfVF^( 2fV6RW"'7FW"6fR7F&6&6W26VFRFPvFRwVBFRfVf&vVB'fRv&G2bG&V22W"6WfVFVVF&vFFRvB&6R&W72C