Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 37

June Release Running Hot (Cont.) Excerpt: Movie wasn’t halfway done, and his girl had already passed out. Head on his shoulder, legs on the couch to her other side. Smiling, he took a breath. Her head on his shoulder slipped lower. He wrapped an arm around her, turning toward her slightly until her head lay on his chest. Either he’d gotten good at doing that or she was a heavy sleeper. Probably the latter, not once when he carried her to bed had she woken. She let out a small sigh and burrowed into him. He loved that. She did it a lot, and every time she did it, it made him feel like he had the world in the palm of his hands. Maybe not his hands, but he definitely had the world sleeping against his chest. Publishing Info, Buy Links, and Contact Info: Publisher: The Wild Rose Press ISBN: 9781509214952 Amazon ASIN: B07257HTT6 BUY LINKS: Publisher: http:// erotic/5097-running-hot.html Amazon: dp/B07257HTT6 BN: w/books/1126305841 Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Warnings: Violence, Graphic Sex, Foul Language Heat Level: R+ 37 Format: Print and E-Book Length: 348 Pages Prices: Print: $16.99 E-Book: $5.99 Author Website: https:// Author Blog: https:// Facebook: J.L.SheppardAuthor Twitter: Amazon Author Page: https:// B00CXDFEIK/ 11