Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 36

June Release Running Hot By: J. L. Sheppard June 23, 2017 The Plot: Thomas “Cuss” Layne has never wanted for anything, except the beautiful girl he saved so long ago. But she’s a rich girl, and he’s a biker. For years, he hasn’t had a glimpse of her. Still, he’s never been able to get her out of his mind. When her life’s in danger, he rides to her rescue once again. This time, he’s determined to do what he should’ve done long ago—make her his, in every possible way. Tiffany Hamilton has never gotten over the bad boy with the sapphire eyes and mid- night hair, the boy who once saved her. She wants him—a touch, a taste—but he’s never wanted anything to do with her. It’s past time to move on. When the sexy biker barges back into her life, saving her yet again and making demands, he makes it impossible to say no to his raw magnetism. She’ll finally have everything she’s dreamed of…but will it be enough? Reviews Welcome. Biography: J.L. Sheppard was born and raised in South Florida where she still lives with her hus- band and son. As a child, her greatest aspiration was to become a writer. She read often, kept a jour- nal, and wrote countless poems. She attended Florida International University and gradu- ated in 2008 with a Bachelors in Communications. During her senior year, she interned at NBC Miami, WTVJ. Following the internship, she was hired and worked in the News De- partment for three years. It wasn’t until 2011 that she set her heart and mind into writing her first completed novel, Demon King’s Desire, which was published in January of 2013. 36 11