Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 31

June Release Kinky Briefs, Too (Cont.) Excerpt: Laura McClintock sighed as Carmen Marinaldo stalked toward the jury with the exqui- site grace of a panther. The mass torts lawyer exuded power, sexual heat, and passion. He held everyone in the courtroom in his thrall. Carmen Marinaldo was a true legal warrior, a man with no win-loss record simply because he had never lost at trial. He was everything Laura aspired to be— glib, refined, and seductive. He was amazing to watch. The Italian Bull, as so many called him, was mesmerizing. His voice was low and se- ductive, yet when he backed a witness into the proverbial corner, he attacked like a cat in heat. Even the most obstinate witnesses were reduced to quivering masses of flesh as Mari- naldo deftly forced the truth from their mouths. When Carmen Marinaldo set his dreamy brown eyes on a target, there was \\KX\[[^H[[۝X[΂X\\V\H’TГM LKM LL L[X^ۈTS QQ QVHS΂V\HΈ˙^\X˘K[KXYY][X^ێ΋[X^ۋK™ M M M΋˘\\[؛KKLLNLM[N\XX[B\[Έܘ\X^ \XKBX]][ŒBܛX][[KP[][\H܋BX]“[ LLY\”X\΂[ KNBKPΈ NB]]܈X]N˜Y[YZ^KB]]܈ΈœY[YZ^K BXXΈ΋˙XX˘KœY[YK^K•]\΋]\KY[YR^BL