Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 28

June Release City Boy By: Amy Wasp June 30, 2017 The Plot: Follow the money or follow your heart? Either way, you lose. When a blown tire leads directly to mind-blowing sex with a white knight named Da- kota, pro-hockey player Bryce Lowery discovers he is most definitely gay. Being with Dakota opens up a whole new world. Bryce can’t imagine life without him. But he refuses to be Bryce’s dirty little secret. If he wants to keep Dakota, he’s either going to have to come out publicly or retire and walk away from millions of dollars. ***** Amazon Review by Mrs. Readsalot: This book is heart meltingly charming. I absolutely loved the characters of B '6RBFF2vV2FRFW"VRFV ƗfW2FR6WBW2BB6Ɩ6R'WB6VVVBg&W6BFW&W7FrGG3wwr6w7W7FW"&WfWw2#$4cc%TU$D&w&gFW"FR7VB&6r6G&VV&r6WfW&6VvRFVw&VW2BG&fVƖrFPv&BvFFRR27FFRFW'FVBגv72&WGW&rFW"f'7Bf^( Gw&FrG&VW"BFVƗ7Bגw&FW2&WBVRfFr6V7F2v&@FB66VVVǒBv2v&BFB66VVFVFR6RfFW2&VBЦW'2FW"6&7FW'>( ƗfW2Bv&G2vVFW&RFV"7BgVW&&RFV"7@VƗfrvFFR6RW2BfV'2vRfRfBG&fVW"v2ƗfVB&r6FW2B6Fv2fW"FffW&VB6FVG2ג2fVBFBFRBF2ЧF6R&R&'&W'2FfR6RfFW2W"&VFW'2F&V6WBB6&RrW"6"Ц7FW'2fRFV6VBFV"ƗfW2"rFRfVBf֖ƖW2FWfRvFW&VB&VBFVЦfR6VBFV"v&G2#