Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 25

July Release The Road to Escape (Cont.) Excerpt: Tom’s gaze zeroed in on Laurie, bent down and taking something out of the oven. She made a mighty fine sight, and Tom took a moment to appreciate it. Whatever she pulled out made him forget about eating some- thing healthy. It smelled decadent. His appreciation was immediately cut short by a stab of guilt. The pain always hit whenever he thought about another woman. He’d been a widower for ten years, but not a day went by when he didn’t think of his Amy. The girl who stole his heart at age twenty and never let go. As he did whenever he noticed an attractive woman, he pushed away his feelings. No use acting on his interest if he wasn’t able to let go of his feelings for Amy. Besides, after the news John gave him that morning, what woman would want to have anything to do with him? Publishing Info, Buy Links, and Contact Info: Publisher: Eskape Press ISBN: 9781548859985 Amazon ASIN: B073Z6QBGP BUY LINKS: Amazon: dp/B073Z6QBGP/ BN: https:// to-escape-patricia-kiyono/1126787210 Genre: Contemporary Warnings: Language Heat Level: PG Format: Print and E-Book in Multiple For- mats 25 Length: 101 Pages Prices: Print: $6.99 Digital: $0.99 Author Website: http:// Author Blog: http://creative- Facebook: Patricia-Kiyono-149294485148710/ Twitter: PatriciaKiyono Amazon Author Page: https:// B0067PSM5C/ 11