Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 23

June Release Darien’s Desire (Cont.) Excerpt: A cold shudder of fear rippled down Darien’s spine. The time he’d used that line—So, wanna hear about my day?—he’d been covered in his own vomit and a hooker’s blood and been drunk on gold-infused vodka. But worst of all, he was the only person to get out alive after a Triad hit on a private club. He’d run for his life until he was rescued by his brother. What a hell of a mess that was. He gulped some beer and chuckled. Erika’s day couldn’t have been worse than that. One of the queens, most likely Ra-chell, probably broke a fingernail or lost a stick-on boob and was raising royal hell as only Ra-chell could. “Okay, hit me with it. What was your day like?” He frowned. “Hang on. It’s Monday there. Your day off. How bad was your morning?” The silence in his ear hit Darien in the gut. Publishing Info, Buy Links, and Contact Info: Publisher: eXtasy Books ISBN: B072W4SL7F Amazon ASIN: B072W4SL7F BUY LINKS: Publisher: http:// Amazon: dp/B072W4SL7F Genre: Contemporary Warnings: Language, Violence, Sex Heat Level: R 23 Format: E-Book in Multiple Formats Length: 211 Pages Price: $4.99 Author Blog: http:// Facebook: Daryl-Devore-Erotic-Romance-Writer- 280168402052520/ Twitter: Amazon Author Page: http:// 10