Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 16

July Release Damned If I Do By: M. J. Schiller July 12, 2017 The Plot: Those lovable lunch ladies are back! And they’ve brought…their kids? Alex and Max revitalized their marriages in Book One. But when Dani returned to win Tucker back, she was devastated to discover he’d al- ready left the hotel. Can Dani find her hot roadie? And if she does, will she be able to leave heartache in the past to be with him? Sam pushed Kyle away. But when her Canadian hockey referee reappears, will he get an icy reception? How do you change an “I don’t” into an “I do”? And now that their kids are in the picture, more hearts are on the line. Whatever their decisions are, you know you’re in for a wild ride with the lunch ladies! Buckle your seat- belt… Reviews Welcome. Biography: M. J. Schiller is a lunch lady/romance-romantic suspense writer. She enjoys writing novels whose characters include rock stars, desert princes, teachers, futuristic knights, con- struction workers, cops, and a wide variety of others. In her mind, everybody has a ro- mance. She is the mother of a twenty-two-year-old and three twenty-year-olds. That’s right, triplets! So having recently taught four children to drive, she likes to escape from life on occasion by pretending to be a rock star at karaoke. However…you won’t be seeing her name on any record labels soon. 16 11