Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 15

June Release My Life as an Extra (Cont.) Excerpt: Adam comes toward me again. My heart starts pounding again. Why an intelligent person such as myself gets nervous because a famous movie director approaches is beyond me, but I can’t seem to help it. I hope I’ll get to do something good and fear I did some- thing wrong. “Will you step out of the shot, please?” he asks. My stomach drops. I fear that WfV2G&Ff&7FFr֖FRg&VWr6@WG&( BvBVVvfRFFR6FRBvF6f&&ǒ2FWF&RFW2FW6RVR7&VBF7V6'&r76RFrFV"&W7Bf"7WW&W&W6W@RfWr֖WFW2FW"F6W2fW"6( BVBW&WW7BƖR66&bwWFRF&V7F"b"F7GW&R7GVǒVgB26"FfBR( ŖR66R&6r( R62( ėBv6( BFR6RvFWBR( ХV&Ɨ6rf'WƖ2B6F7BfV&Ɨ6W#'WFVfक4$sCcs4#edd%UĔ䳠GG3wwr6G#eddvV&SV&W2vV( 2f7FvF&F2VVVG0v&w3֖BwVvPVBWfVâpf&C&BBR&VwF3&C#"vW0R&#3RvW0P&6W3&CC㓐R&C"㓐WF"vV'6FSGG'WFVf6ФWF"&sGG'WFVf6&pf6V&GG3wwrf6V&6'WFFƷ0GvGFW#GG3GvGFW"6'WFVfWF"vSGGwwr6'WFԶVfR#uC0