Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine June, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 6 - Page 31

MAY, 2018 ALWAYS HER WINGMAN By: Jessica E. Subject The Plot: Staff Sergeant Hannah Coriveau dedi- cated the last five years to the Space Military Command. Heading back to Earth, she‟s ready to begin civilian life and reunite with her parents and the boyfriend she left behind. The person she‟ll miss most is Garish—her wing- man, best friend, and the one who made her regret not being single. Senior Airman Colin Garish wants his squadron leader. Bad. After spending so much time by her side—both in the Martian skies and on the red planet—being her friend isn‟t enough. When Hannah learns of her boyfriend‟s infidelity, Colin is there to comfort her. Before Colin has the chance to confess his feelings, Han- nah receives worse news from home. Her father is dying. Seeing her devastation, Colin remains the friend she desperately needs. But in her grief, she pushes him away. Reviews Welcome. Available in E-Book At: Mark of the Stars Amazon BN An Excerpt The shuttle lurched as it landed on the runway, jerking Han- nah forward against her restraints. She and her crew had finally reached their destination—Earth‟s moon. So close to home, and yet still so far away. With her mission almost over, she looked forward to outlasting the rest of the squadron during physical therapy and then returning to the ones she loved. But first, she had to complete shutdown procedures. She pulled down levers and flicked off switches in unison with the rest of the squadron. A well-rehearsed dance they‟d perfected when landing on Mars. This time, they flowed through the sequence with ease, as if they landed space shuttles every day. T ͱݕ́٥Ʌѥ́չѥЁѽȁѡ)Ёѥݼչɕ䁑̸Aݕɕݸ])ѡՅɽ݅ѕȁѡ᥽́յ́Ѽݸ݅)͡ɕͱ)ѡȁ хЁ%)Aɥ耐ȸ)1ѠԁA)!Ё1ٕA)]ͥє) ))Qݥѕ)齸ѡȁA) Ʌ))ͥMՉЁ́ѡѡȁ͍ѥɽѱ䁅ɽ̰ɅɽݕЁѼ)ȁиMѥ́́͡ɅɵѕɅ䁅́ݕɥѼݥمɥ䁽)Ʌѕ̸%ȁѽɥ̰ԁЁ䁵Ё͕䁅ȁݼЁͼ́ɽ̸eԁ䁉)ɅѕѼѽݽɱݡɔɕ́ɔѥѼٔٔȁѼѡȁЁȁɽѥ)ɕٽ̸)])ͥ́Ёɕɥѥȁɕ͕ݽɬ́͡ѼѥݥѠȁ)ѕѼ QLѼѹ̰́݅ѡɕЁAɕ̽Iɥٕȁȁ䁅ѕɽѡ)͡ѕȸ((