Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine June, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 6 - Page 29

MARCH, 2018 A SUMMER OF SECRETS By: Lorna Peel The Plot: Are some secrets best kept hid- den? Sophia Nelson returns to her hometown in Yorkshire, England to begin a new job as tour guide at Heaton Abbey House. There, she meets the reclusive Thomas, Baron Heaton, a lonely workaholic. Despite having a rule never to become involved with her boss, Sophia can‟t deny how she finds him incredibly attractive. When she overhears the secret surrounding his parentage, she is torn. But is it her attraction to him or the fear of opening a Pandora‟s box that makes her keep quiet about it? How long can Sophia stay at Heaton Abbey knowing what she does? Reviews Welcome. An Excerpt He was certainly explosive in a way Lee had never been, but did it worry her? She wasn‟t sure. Most of the time he seemed to hide behind what she was beginning to call his „Lord of the Manor‟ persona. But there were occasional glimpses of a softer, more gentle side. Maybe she should do what her Mum, Dad, and practically everyone she knew would do and just judge him by his title and principles and have as little to do with him as possible. But she couldn‟t. There was now absolutely no denying that she found him incredibly attractive. Was it because of that or the fear of opening a huge Pandora‟s box that she was doing as she was told and keeping quiet? Both, probably, and that did worry her because she really didn‟t know what to do about it. Avail XH[KP][X^ۂX\΂[ LˌBY][ NB[ HY\’X]][]]܈۝X[΂X]B‘XX[ܘ\NܛHY[\[]]܈و\ܚX[X[H[X[X^\\Hݙ[][HR[\[[ ܛB\ܛ[[[ ܙ]\[ܝ[\[]\[\[\[[ B