Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine June, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 6 - Page 26

FEBRUARY, 2018 BOLD IN HONOR By: Alexa Aston The Plot: During the Peasants‟ Rebellion, Sir Ancel de Montfort rescues Lady Margery Ormond in the midst of bat- tle. Returning Margery to her home at Highfield, the king decides to give An- cel both Highfield and its accompany- ing title in reward for his courageous service since Highfield‟s baron was murdered in the uprising. More impor- tantly, Margery is to be Ancel‟s bride. But Margery‟s stepbrother escaped the peasants‟ onslaught and arrives un- expectedly to claim his inheritance—and control of Margery‟s fate. Will Ancel find a way to wed the woman he loves, despite Vivers‟s plan to sell Margery to the highest bidder? ***** Review by Lampshade Reader Aleen: “I knew I had to gird up my loins to read this story because I know that every Alexa Aston book will break my heart at one point and then reattach the pieces in the most surprising way.” Available in Print and E-Book At: Amazon An Excerpt “I have thought of nothing else but kissing you,” Ancel re- vealed, and then covered Marger ( 2WFvF2आR&Vv6vǒBvFrFg&vFVW"vr6Pv2WW&V6VBR76VBW"Ɨ2W"FVW2W"'&rआW"WVƖG26vǒRfVGW&VB&6FW"WFBWBFPFb2FwVRWFƖRW"Ɨ2&Vf&RB&rFR6V6PVVBFBRV7W&VǒW&VBVrW"F7FRW 66VBFRfVVbW"2&2FVFFfVǒW"FwVRFV6VB2R6vVB2V7W&PB&vW'w&Wr&FW"66RF6VB2FV FwVW2v'&VBvFRFW"Fr2&rFR&`bW"WFB6R6VFFW&VBW66rg&W"FVF&W727W'&VFVBFVFRFRWЦW7FVBW"fvW'2FvFVVB26VFW'2( Ğ( W&R( RFBW"( Ēv( BVfRR( WfW"VfPR( ФWF"6F7Bf&6W3&CC"s`R&C"㓐VwF##vW0VBWfVâ vV'6FPf6V&GvGFW WF"vP&w&W7F( 27F&6&6W2W6R7F'2&6G&F6RW"6&7FW'2WG&&F'6&7VЧ7F6W2vW&RFV"FV6RFW6&Rf"RFW"w&w2FFRG&V7W&VBvgBbfR6R2FRWF"bFRvG2b"FV&VFWf&6R6W&W2FBFW26RfW"ЧFVVF6VGW'VvBB6VFW'2FRFRFf'Bf֖ǒV6&6Rf7W6W2FR6FRb6f'FB&VBvG2bF2W&FfRFWWƗfW2vFW"W6&BF27V'W&"vW&R6RVG2W"f"6&RbF&66FRBG2WB7F&W2vR6RvƷ2WfW'&r6RV2&VFrBvF6rfW2B6P6( BvWBVVvbfW"WW""vRbF&W2W6w&FW2&F27W7V6RvW7FW&7F&6@7FFRVFWffV22W&VƖvB#`p