Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine February 2018 MFRW Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Page 33

JANUARY, 2018 THE DREAM OF A DUCHESS By: Linda Rae Sande The Plot: When Isabella pays witness to her mother's murder at the hands of her father, she rides off to London in search of the Earl of Norwick, the man her mother always said she could go to in case of trouble. To keep her safe, Octavius, Duke of Huntington, agrees to hide Isabella in his country estate—and to allow her access to his stables and horses. But what about his heart? Reviews Welcome. Available in Print and E-Book At: Amazon An Excerpt David reached over and turned up the gas on a lamp near the door. The room brightened to reveal the object of his attention. “Octavius, Duke of Huntington, this is Lady Isabella,” David said quietly. He turned his attention to the young woman. “He‟ll know what to do.” Dipping a curtsy to the duke‟s nod, Isabella murmured, “How do you do, Your Grace?” What the hell? Octavius was about to say before he realized he had to keep his head about him. He was a duke now, even if he had only been one for a couple of years. It wouldn‟t be seemly to go about cursing in front of a gently bred young woman. He had barely finished that thought when he wondered why a gently bred woman would be in The Elegant Courtesan. And then he remembered Norwick‟s missive. It seems there’s been a murder. Author Contact Info: Prices: Print: $12.95 E-Book: $3.99 Length: 344 Pages Website Blog Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: A former technical writer, Linda Rae‟s interest in the Regency has resulted in nineteen books set during that era. After spending her weekdays running a print shop in Cody, WY, she enjoys attending movies and watching hockey on the weekends. 33 5