Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine February 2018 MFRW Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Page 32

DECEMBER, 2017 LOVE IN THE RAIN By: Adam Mann The Plot: By a sheer stroke of bad luck Henry gets caught in a tropical storm whilst he‟s swimming in the sea. He sensibly gets out of the water and finds shelter in a beach house, and a few mo- ments later is joined by a sodden, rain- drenched lady. Felicity is cold and wet, and she has nothing dry to wear so she asks Henry to hold her so that they can both benefit from their body warmth until the rain subsides. That‟s only the start of a very long story… An Excerpt The rain had not abated. He looked around and then could see another figure struggling through the rain, and towards where he was standing. As the figure approached Henry realised that it was a female figure wearing a sodden straw hat and a thin gossa- mer shawl that was also now sodden. He held out a hand to help the woman climb the steps to the verandah, and now he could see that she was wearing only a bikini under her shawl. “Thanks,” she acknowledged in English, dripping from the rain. She took off her wet hat and dropped it on the floor. She had wet hair, but the colour was just dark and not really distin- guishable being wet. Her transparent shawl clinged to her body and barely covered her so that he could see her dark blue green bikini under the shawl. Reviews Welcome. Available in Print and E-Book At: Amazon Smashwords Author Contact Info: Price: $0.99 Length: Pages 71 Heat Level: R+ Website Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: Adam Mann has written over thirty romance stories. In many cases the heroine comes from Asia, but this is partly because that is where he has been working in remote areas for over thirty years. Adam admires the resolve and determination of these ladies from Asia, even in challenging and problematic circumstances. Most of his stories are partially derived from his personal experience and also based in locations that he knows as he‟s lived and worked there. He freely admits that his imagination makes up a good proportion of each of the stories. He‟s often found that romance is not always where a hard-working boy meets good looking girl and they live happily ever after. Most of his characters are a bit more battered in their lives before they meet, so their circumstances and incen- tives are much more clearly defined. Most of Adam‟s stories are about twenty thousand words, so not very long, and cheap to buy at ninety-nine cents and easy to read. 32 5