Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine February 2018 MFRW Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Page 25

DECEMBER, 2017 THEIR BOND THROUGH JADE By: Iris Blobel The Plot: When Tiffany Cahill opens the door to the police, memories flood her mind of the previous year and a relationship gone bad. Frightened, she calls her friend Steve for help, but instead a stranger answers the phone. Little does Tiffany know how much this New Zealander is going to impact her life, especially after she is as- saulted only a few hours later. Mat Apanui, the owner of a heli- copter tour company in New Zea- land, can‟t ignore the worry in Tif- fany‟s voice when he answers Steve‟s phone. Before he knows it, he is spending most of his business trip to Melbourne with her. Desperate to keep her safe after an attack, he invites her to stay with him in Queenstown, NZ. With her safety at risk, how will Tiffany overcome her reser- vations and trust the sexy stranger enough to fly across the Tas- man Sea? An Excerpt: When Tiffany Cahill opened the door and laid eyes on the police officers, memories flooded back of the horrid day the year before when she‟d been dragged to the police station. Eve- rything inside her tensed as she checked the lever for the screen door to make sure it was locked. She rubbed her damp palms against her pants. “Miss Cahill?” the male police officer asked, his dark brown eyes focusing on her. Scared, she wasn‟t able to find her voice; she bit her lip and simply nodded. “Miss Tiffany Cahill?” the female, and younger, officer asked. Tiffany nodded again. If she focused on the officer‟s flam- ing red hair beneath her cap, she wouldn‟t have to meet her eyes. But she allowed herself a cautious peek at the officers‟ faces. Their expressions were unreadable, which was worrying. “I‟m Senior Constable Jones. This is Sergeant Harris.” The offi- cer paused for a moment. Reviews Welcome. Available in Print and E-Book At: Amazon BN Author Contact Info: Prices: Print: $8.99 E-Book: $0.99 Length: 238 Pages Website Blog Facebook ]\[X^ۈ]]܈YB[ܘ\N\\ؙ[\ܛ[Z\Y[\X[H[ۛH[[ZYܘ]Y]\[XH[H]H NNLˈ][YH][Y[و\YK\\[]Z]HYH[YH][[[[ۙۋ\[\[YK\HHY]\\ؘ[ \ݙH܈][\ܚY\۝\\ۛH[Y\YH]YX\X]š\\\Hۜ[\[[ۋ\\\Y\\وY[\H]\\ؘ[[\X]]Y[]Y\\[\Z\ˈ[Y][ۈ\؈]H]]H H[\[H\X[ܘ[Hۈ[[][]HY[˂B