Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine February 2018 MFRW Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Page 23

NOVEMBER, 2017 THE SANTA BARGAIN By: Robin Michaela The Plot: Santa’s gifts can be both naughty… and nice. Coffeehouse entrepreneur Maria Thompson has sworn off men ever since her young son‟s father walked out of their lives. But, when she liter- ally runs into sexy carpenter Joe Sin- clair, she wonders if it‟s time to re- think her plan. Joe Sinclair doesn‟t need or want romance or a family. He was raised in the foster care system and learned long ago not to get attached to any- one. Now, if he could just remember that, he could put the sen- sual owner of Copper River, Colorado‟s new coffee shop, out of his mind. After Maria and Joe volunteer to work together on the town‟s first Christmas festival, their attraction lights up brighter than a new a string of holiday lights. When Santa comes to town, will they finally find everything they‟ve ever wished for under the tree? An Excerpt: Every warning she‟d ever heard about people texting and not paying attention to where they were going hurtled through Maria Thompson‟s mind in the seconds after she buried her face in the man‟s muscular pecs. Her phone catapulted from her grasp, but she barely registered that fact. She also didn‟t catch the sound it made when it hit the concrete because her hearing was muffled by the sinewy arm that shot out and wrapped around her head, pressing her even harder against the guy‟s decidedly powerful chest. Instinctively, she reached out to brace herself, then felt a blaze of heat course through her body when her hands splayed against his muscular thighs. Best. Day. Ever. Reviews Welcome. Available in Print and E-Book At: Amazon Author Contact Info: Prices: Print: $8.99 Digital: $0.99 Length: 257 Pages Heat Level: R Biography: Robin Michaela has been reading romances since her teen years, when she first nicked her aunt‟s copy of The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She‟s married to her own Handsome Prince (a military airman) and has lived everywhere from the sunny shores of Florida to the wild crags of the Colo- rado Rocky Mountains. She currently resides in the 23 Website & Blog Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Deep South. By day, she‟s a dental hygienist, and by night, Robin can be found eating chocolate, training for her next half marathon, and crafting her next novel (although not necessarily in that order). Robin‟s stories have been called “a simply delicious escape.” Sparks fly and desire sizzles when her irresisti- ble heroines challenge the men of their dreams. 3