Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine February 2018 MFRW Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Page 21

OCTOBER, 2017 THE ONE By: Janice Croom The Plot: In a family filled with happily- ever-afters, ugly duckling Addie has been jilted for the last time. There is no “one” for her, so why keep looking? Marcus, a.k.a. The Love Doc- tor, orchestrates love twenty-two weeks a year on cable. Sure, hap- pily-ever-afters are a crock, but creating the fantasy makes for must-see TV. Addie is perfect for his latest venture, the ultimate love connec- tion with a “real” woman finding love on live TV. In his quest to secure Addie for the show, will he discover that she‟s really perfect for him? An Excerpt: Momma turned on the television. The opening strains of “Loving You,” by Minnie Ripperton, played. With any luck it was just a commercial. A giant red heart filled the screen. Writ- ten across the heart in flowing script: The Love Doctor, Momma‟s favorite show. “Almost forgot about the marathon,” Momma said. The opening credits dissolved. Dressed in a pale blue eve- ning gown, a wannabe-actress or trying-to-be-model stood on a beach. In front of her knelt a tuxedoed man holding a single red rose, his declaration to the world that she was the one. How could people watch this show? They did the same thing every episode. As the music swelled, her trembling hands would take his offered rose and press it to her bosom. She‟d fan her face to keep from crying. Overhead, doves would take flight, his signal to sweep her into his arms and seal their love with a kiss. Except that wasn‟t what happened. Reviews Welcome. Available in E-Book At: Amazon Author Contact Info: Price: $2.99 Length: 248 Pages Heat Level: G Biography: Janice Croom writes the Kadence MacBride Mys- teries and Holiday with Love romances. She initially studied fiction techniques to improve her nonfiction writing. Given an assignment to write the first chapter of a novel, Janice read hers aloud. The class applauded and the teacher asked, “What happens next?” “The assignment was to write the first chapter, not what happened next,” Janice said. By the end of 21 Website Facebook Author Page Twitter Amazon Author Page the class, Janice wanted to know what happened next. That quest, to tell her character‟s stories, to learn what happens next, drives her writing. She‟s a voracious reader and views writing as re- verse reading. Toni Morrison said, “If there‟s a story you want to read that hasn‟t been written, you must write it.” 3