Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine February 2018 MFRW Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Page 20

NOVEMBER, 2017 LAURA’S UPCYCLED LIFE The Plot: Laura McAuliff‟s last relationship ended badly... So badly her ex- boyfriend, a criminal lawyer gave her fifty-grand to vanish, before his assas- sin-client made her disappear forever! Hiding out in a tiny house behind a friend‟s barn in Maine, she upcycles furniture into one-of-a-kind treasures for profit. She spots some Mad Men furniture, but another flipper claims it at the same time. At an impasse, they reluctantly split the set. Trace Dixon is more than he seems. He‟s an ex-military bad-ass, and when he learns why she‟s hiding he‟s determined to protect her. He wants her to testify and be free to recycle her life. An Excerpt: Glancing at eight out of ten broken nails, I tried not to think about the tsk tsk expression Monique, my former mani- curist, would have given me. Hey, at least I don‟t have paint in my hair. I‟ll take out my nail file later. Who knows? I might have ten out of ten broken nails after I finish sanding and stain- ing the antique piano stool I found by the side of the road yes- terday. But, you know what? I‟m happier now than I ever was as a trophy girlfriend. I know. The term is usually trophy wife. We were too cool for marriage. Who needs it? we asked. Well, as it turned out, we both did. I might have had more than my personal belongings when I left, and he would have had the benefit of the loophole where a wife can‟t testify against her husband. ***** Amazon Review by Kim Sparks: “ ... Great Read! Strong characters and a great story line.” https:// Available in E-Book At: Amazon BN Author Contact Info: Price: $ 2.99 Length: 107 Pages Biography: Ashlyn Chase describes herself as an Almond Joy bar. A little nutty, a little flaky, but basically sweet, wanting only to give her readers a satisfying, experi- ence. She holds a degree in behaviora 66V6W2v&V@276G&2$f"6WfW&V'2B7VBfWp&RV'2v&rf"FR&VB7&72r6^( 22VFV&Ɨ6VBv&BvrWF"bBV"ЦW2&&B6FV&'&F26VFW2#WF"vV'6FPWF"&pf6V&GvGFW WF"vP7Bw&FW'2vWFW"FW( &Rv&RbB"BfR( FVR( 6R6'BbF&VBFB'V2F&VvbFV"&26ǖ( 2FVFfVBFVRffW06&7FW'2v&VfVBFV6VfW2N( 2vFW 66R6R2&VfVFVBW'6VbVW&W2FW2fЦǒ6FVBvFW"ƖfR6RƗfW2&VWFgVWp6&RvFW"G'VRƖfRW&W6&Bv0ƖRVv6vF6BBWW"GR"@FW( &RvVB'Gv7VB6G2