Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine February 2018 MFRW Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Page 10

FEBRUARY, 2018 SACRED GROUND By: P. J. Sharon The Plot: In book three of the Savage Cin- derella Novella Series, kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway, joins her friends Justin, Cody, and Dani on a quest to search for Justin‟s brother—believed dead after having dis- appeared from his Marine unit in Af- ghanistan. When he‟s reportedly seen at a protest in Wyoming, where Native American land protectors are at odds with a mining company determined to destroy what could be a sacred burial ground, it‟s up to Brinn to find out the truth and help stop them. An Excerpt “What do you want?” I asked, attempting to catch my breath and stall until I could think what to do. Despite the breeze, my hair lay heavy and damp at the base of my neck as I inched closer to the car. “It‟s too late for playing nice,” he said, whispering in my ear. He pressed the gun barrel deeper. I drew in a sharp breath, fear and pain penetrating like a spear. Then he opened the trunk of his car and I froze. Steve, his dark hair matted with blood, lay tied up and gagged, unconscious...or dead? The frantic urge to scream in pro- test caught in my throat and I swallowed hard. Before I had a chance to ask, the man gave me a shove toward the waiting trunk and terror turned my legs to water. “Get in.” Reviews Welcome. Available in Print and E-Book At: Amazon Author Contact Info: Price: $2.99 Length: 160 pages Heat Level: PG-13 Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: In addition to her day job as a massage therapist, personal trainer, and yoga instructor, PJ Sharon is an award-winning author of young adult books, including Pieces of Love, Heaven is for Heroes, On Thin Ice, and Holt Medallion winner Savage Cinderella. Follow the Savage Cinderella Novella Series with Finding Hope, Lost Boys, and Sacred Ground. Healing Waters completes her YA dystopian trilogy, The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael, which RT Book Re- views calls “An action-packed read with a strong female lead.” PJ has two grown sons and a growing brood of grandchildren, and lives with her brilliant engineer of a hus- band in the Berkshire Hills of Western MA where she writes YA…because every teen deserves a hopefully ever after. 10 5