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• • • • • • • Compatible with Powerpoint, Keynote, and Open Office Compatible with both Windows and Mac No Design Skill Needed - as easy as point and click Ready for a Full HD Video Format (1080p+60fps) FREE Developer license Audio Music Background for your video Super easy to use with step by step video tutorial Here's how these animated video templates can help you make better videos: CONQUER Your Niche. Get noticed Their competition is either too lazy or doesn’t have the money to outsource explainer video creation. With Instant Video Templates, you can easily create the videos you need to get you noticed and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace…without the crazy fees your competitors think you’re paying. Proven Performers = Predictable Results The videos I’ve created over the years have generated millions in revenue for him and his clients. Now YOU can benefit from his years of hard work by putting HIS own personal battle tested and proven profit pulling video templates to work in your own business. Save Time AND Your Sanity Forget spending hours in front of the computer trying to learn some clunky and over complicated video editing software. With his templates you can easily create professional videos in mins using the slideshow software you already know! Why over complicate things if you don’t have to? Save Money. Lots of it No need to spend hundreds on over priced software. Monthly fees? Forget about them. Now you can easily & quickly create professional animated marketing videos with ease using nothing more than your favorite slideshow software…even the FREE Open Office Impress! A few ways you can use these templates to make profitable videos today... Look Like a Pro Use his templates to create professional videos that position and brand YOU as the expert & authority in your niche. Create Videos for Your Clients