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Big Data has also found its use in electioneering through analysis of the voting patterns based on demography, psychographic and geographical. As mentioned earlier it depends at what level you utilize that information. For instance the recently concluded primaries indicated some clear voting patterns that any serious contender in the elections will need to take cognizance so as to turn the odds during the August 8th election. The high youth turn out in the North Rift region proved pivotal in the election of key youthful aspirants against all odds. The data age is likely to spell trouble for gerrymandering. This skulduggery relies on geometry, geography, and demographic tables. Gerrymandering is, of course, the dark art of drawing a legislative map that favors your political party. That involves “packing” taking all the neighborhoods with voters who hate you and cramming them into one region. (You’ll lose that region by a landslide but have a leg up in all the others.) The reverse trick is “cracking,” breaking up a neighborhood that loathes you into chunks that you attach to other regions where you’re loved. Your opponents’ votes get spread around and diluted. This is possible with use of Big Data, the nation’s political maps can be re-drawn to ones benefit. The party primaries provided an opportunity to gauge the trend, there is an opportunity for the media, IEBC, Government, Party Secretariat and individual Party campaign secretariats to start embracing the use of the Big Data Tools to make good informed decisions and have a competitive head start. Timothy Oriedo is a Certified Big Data Scientist (MIT), Certified Business Coach (ICF), Lead, Group Digital and Partnerships at Royal Media Services, a CIM Instructor Digital Marketing, and Adjunct Business Coach at Strathmore Business School. You can indulge him on this or related matters via mail at: Timothy. Precise News Captivating talk shows..... Right in your Car Plot 32 Kampala road, Tel: 0414 348211/311/411 email: