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This is where the problem lies. Life rarely ever follows a logical sequence otherwise everyone who went to school would be guaranteed a great job where they will make money and live happily ever after. We all know this never happens. If things followed a logical sequence then all those who do well in IQ tests will be the movers and shakers of economies and societies. The truth however is that the fact that you do well in an IQ test does not give a guarantee that you will do well in life. In fact, it has been discovered that some people who do well in IQ tests do so because that is their special gift – logical tests. In the book Smart Thinking by Art Markman, there is a very illuminating revelation on IQ tests from none other than Lewis Terman who was one of the foremost researchers in the study of IQ. Terman gave IQ tests to a large number of students and those with very high IQs were admitted to a select group whom he called Termites and he followed them for years observing their performance in life. In fairness, some of these children did do very well but not everyone did spectacularly well. In fact, quite a number of them fizzled out after school and lived simple normal lives just like anyone else despite the fact that they had spectacularly high IQs. Of major interest however was a student called William Shockley. He participated in the test by Lewis Terman but was not selected to the prestigious team of Termites. Why not? His IQ was not high enough to be part of the elite team. Years later, when many of the Termites had settled into an average life in spite of their high IQs, Shockley went on to win the 1956 Nobel Prize for physics and is the co- inventor of the transistor. So, we see a very interesting scenario here. A student was not bright enough to be in a select group as a child but he selected himself regardless of what the experts said about him and he did not let what they said deter him. It does not matter what experts may have said about you. The important thing right now is what you are saying about yourself. leads to the death for the person who runs off the cliff hoping to fly. However, there is a level of rebellion that can inspire creativity but this also has context. The same rebellion that works for the visionary will not work for the person in the employ of the visionary. The visionary has the big picture to rebel against. No external voice has the power to shape your destiny if the voice inside you is louder than the voice outside you. People will call you arrogant and full of yourself. Trust me, it is better to be called that and prove the experts wrong than to be called humble and prove them right. That rebellion has created smaller pictures. It is within the context of these smaller pictures that the team under the visionary can rebel in their various fields but their rebellion must bring the whole body closer to the big picture. This is called constructive rebellion. So, training is crucial but the truth is that no amount of training can lift up a person whose mind is down. The best of teachers cannot open closed minds so for training to work, for training to have the much desired effect, your mind MUST be open. In conclusion a very apt model of training that births leaders and not followers can be found in the Eagle. The eagle pushes its young ones off the cliff when teaching them to fly. It allows them to free fall and then just before crashing onto the ground it lifts them up again. Eventually the baby eagle will discover that it has wings and will realize that the wings were meant to enable it to fly just like its mother. It is one thing for training to happen. It is another for learning to have taken place. One of the big assumptions of today is the assumption that training and learning happen simultaneously. It is the responsibility of the trainer t