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when a child is born healthy, it is a potential genius. Genius equals work and fortunate circumstances.” Even before he started there were some odds stacked against him. First, he was no great chess player himself at that time (even though he later grew to write quite a number of chess books). Secondly, chess was an area dominated by men and the popular belief was that women did not possess the kind of thinking to make it in chess. Polger was convinced he was on to something and he set himself to it. He created the fortunate circumstance by devoting himself to training his daughter and exposing her to chess-training and competitions. Today, the story of Susan Polger is another testament that indeed the human mind can be trained to become a master at anything. Susan is the first female Chess grandmaster and she has the brain of a genius. She is an Olympic and World chess champion, a chess teacher, coach, writer, promoter and the head of the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence. At the age of 15, she became the top- ranked woman player in the world, and remained ranked in the top three for the next 23 years. She was also the first woman in history to break the gender barrier by qualifying for the 1986 “Men’s” World Championship. Her sister, Judit, has an even more amazing record. She became the number one rated woman in the world at the age of 12, and is the only woman to have won a game from a reigning world number one player, and has defeated ten current or former world champions in either rapid or classical chess. The third Polger sister, Sofia, also stunned the chess world when at the age of 14 she defeated many grandmasters in a tournament in Rome. Performance is indeed a function of the environment we create. 28 MAL 18/17 ISSUE ‘‘ The training should be relevant to the needs and growth trajectory of the company and not just a traditional and academic thing. Too many team buildings occur just because there is a budget for it. This is why those team building sessions never produce teams. They all go out in some resort and play games over the weekend but return to the very same demons they left in the office when they get back.’’ Many attempt to change their results by changing their actions but a deeper understanding is to find out what environment inspires the actions and then change the environment. What causes drivers of commercial passenger vehicles particularly in some parts of Africa to drive the way they do? What causes different people groups to have clusters of similar behavioural patterns? If we can find out the cause, then the effects will be a natural progression. I believe that every single person on earth was born to be a top performer. The challenge is that many have not disciplined their minds and created the environment required for top performance. No matter what level you are, you must see yourself as a top performer. It must happen in the mind before it happens outside. Call yourself a genius. You were born a genius. You are a walking genius. People may not know it and you may not know it yourself but you are and the acceptance that you are is the first step in making it a tangible reality. With training, discipline and focus, anyone can become the top performer that they were born to be. There can be no excuse for mediocrity. Anyone who stays mediocre has done so out of choice. Any person who is open to training, disciplined and ready to grow can achieve anything they want to achieve. There must be no room in any winning team for those who are not ready to learn and change. These are people with finality thinking, which is the thinking that says that, ‘this is how I am and there is nothing that I or anyone can do about it.’ That is nothing more than a combination of arrogance and ignorance oozing out. People with this kind of thinking should immediately be eased out of the team. They do not belong in an army of performers and they stand a high risk of becoming cancerous by spreading limitation and negativity to the rest of the team. A lot of thinkers and psychologists around the world are agreed about the fact that what happens to us as people is not as important as our reaction or response to what happens to us. In effect, we are not victims of the things that happen to us but rather victims of our decisions in the midst of the circumstances. Most people at one time or the other have done a test that measures our intelligence quotient (IQ) be it at some interview or just for fun online. These tests measure how well you are able to perform based on some pre-set parameters. They test your ability to logically interpret sequences.