MARKETING AFRICA MAL 18/17 mal 18:17 online - Page 3

IN THIS ISSUE 50 04 01 FIRST WORD On Perilous Trends 08 COVER STORY | The Role Of Professionals In Elections 86 90 10 STREETWISE MARKETING | The Open Marketing Revolution SPORTS MARKETING | One Broadcaster’s Loss Is Another’s Meat: Supersports Vs Kwese Sports 30 32 DIGITAL MARKETING | Use Data To Create Value For Your Consumers BIG DATA |Big Data Application In Elections 38 58 CUSTOMER CONVENIENCE | Is Customer Convenience The New Marketing? TALKING POINT | Campaign Time Marketing Things 20 22 CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT| Going Where Your Customer Is Requires Doing Your Homework OUT OF THE BOX | Moving From Academic Training To SMART Training 40 34 14 COMPLACENT MARKETING | Digital Transformation After Digital Maturity 16 CREDIT MANAGEMENT | Late Paying Customers CROSSFIRE | Leadership, Followership, Copying, And The Games People Play. THE REAL ESTATE |Off Plan Investments In Real Estate BRAND CONSISTENCY |Brand Consistency And Competitive Advantage 60 64 44 DESTINATION MARKETING |Mice: The Untapped Frontier For Economic Development In Kenya 68 MEDIA AWARDS CORPORATE CULTURE | Your Company’s Number One Asset: A Winning Culture 72 GYN CHRONICLES | Pregnancy And Miscarriage 72 80 MARKETING EVOLUTION | Telling Your Story 82 COACHING| Mergers And Executive Coaching 94 LAST WORD RAINMAKERS| Lead More, Manage Less! ADVERTISING PARTNERS Kenya | Uganda | Rwanda | South Africa | Nigeria TIDINGS THAT INSPIRE| The Chips And Soda Lifestyle: Organ Cleansing HEALTH MATTERS | White Blood Cells And Immunity LEADERSHIP | Employee Diversity