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your own company when everyone wants to be around you. Learn to dance to the tunes in your head even when there is loud music all around you. When you learn to do these, you would have done yourself the greatest favour. You will have fortified yourself against that day when things don’t go exactly as you planned. This is the point where all great leaders arrive at and speak victory in the midst of attack, hope in the midst of hopelessness, joy in the midst of sadness, faith in the midst of unbelief, abundance in the midst of lack and strength in the midst of weakness. It is the point where you realize that you are not a victim of what happens in your life but rather that you are a victim of your reaction. The winning army has a mind-set of responding. They have been well trained by their leader. The leader sees what does not yet exist and prepares the troops for it. The leader hears words that have not yet been spoken and prepares the troops for it. Happy is the army whose troops are well-trained for in the day of attack they shall be ready. In the day when others are surprised, they shall be happy. Troops must however not be trained into silence. They must be trained to think. They must be trained to be confident and they must be trained to express themselves. If not, you will have troops who will be too scared to talk even as they watch you destroy yourself and destroy them in the process. An article by CARL H. LAVIN titled, ‘The Nation; When Moods Affect Safety: Communication in a Cockpit Means a Lot a Few Miles Up’ Published in the New York Times of June 26, 1994 drives this point home excellently. Bosses can be intimidating. They may 26 MAL 18/17 ISSUE not like to hear bad news, and the people who work for the