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Looking at the two slogans you can tell that the two major competing parties are competing on change versus unity. In the campaign execution NASA are talking of 10 million strong which is related to the number of their targeted votes. To counter the message Jubilee has come up with the counter campaign about 45 million strong which is based on the whole population cementing the togetherness message. In politics and marketing you should always claim the higher ground no matter the odds staked against your course. In traditional warfare the person who had the highest hill was very hard to beat. Raila Tibim is a common phrase but not many people understand what “Tibim” means. To that end Babu Awino who is running for a MP position in Embakasi and a long standing University of Nairobi student leader explained as follows “Tibim” is a Greek word that was used by a Greek commander Agothleus Deschelles during wars to inspire, motivate and incite his soldiers. The word “Tibim” is a revolutionary word that is used in different contexts to bring different meanings. Religiously the word “Tibim” is used at the tail end of a prayer, immediately after an “amen” to scare away notorious Satan. Politically the word Tibim is used to inspire people to revolt against a dictatorial, insensitive and inept regime. It pulls individuals/citizens into action. This cements the NASAs message of change and portrays Jubilee government as incompetent. Romantically the word “Tibim” is used by two love birds when they are “tibimizing” each other so as to add flavor to the whole process. To add to that, in Marketing it can be used to rally a sales team to a certain sales call, say 10 billion Tibim. Analytics Are King Jubilee campaign team has maintained the services of the ‘‘ In politics and marketing you should always claim the higher ground no matter the odds staked against your course. In traditional warfare the person who had the highest hill was very hard to beat.’’ analytics firm Cambridge Analytica that they used in the last campaign. The firm is also rumoured to have been used by Trump and brexit campaigns. They mine big amounts of data to arrive at science based decision. This is an eye opener for marketers to wake up and smell the coffee in the big data. This is very useful in creating the messages and testing messages that appeal to people at their default level. These are messages that communicate without being obvious. Politics Of Unga Recently the price maize flour (unga) rose to Kshs. 140/=. The unga is used in making one of the Kenya’s most popular dishes ‘ugali’. When the celebrated Kenyan actor Lupita Nyong’o confessed in a TV interview that she doesn’t know how to cook ugali there was so much uproar among Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). It took the effort of Vogue magazine to bring her back to her Mum in Kenya to be shown how to make ugali. That said Jubilee Government created a subsidy program to help millers drop the price of unga to Kshs. 90/=. Some citizens who support the opposition couldn’t believe that the price was brought down genuinely. One such Kenyan was my Uber driver who told me that the unga is made from pop corn, meaning that half will be lost as you cook ugali with it. Jubilee has used three colors: red, yellow, and black. Red is the color of passion, black is the color of the people, and yellow is the color of warmth and nourishment. The logo with two folded hands suggests togetherness or unity. NASA’s logotype has five colors showing more diversity and aggressiveness. The logo has stars and an arrow indicating the landing at the Promised Land that the now christened ‘Joshua’ is supposedly leading the country to. Era Of Anti-hero One thing that should worry Jubilee is the trend I would call anti-hero. UHURUTO came to power while they had cases at the ICC. While someone with such a case may not be the best person to vote for the public judgment went their way. In a France a man who married his school teacher was voted to lead the country. In West Africa we have seen at least two one term presidents. Trump won in America and Brexit won in UK. There is a wave of change happening across the world. The only solace is that Kenyans are peculiar people as Michael Joseph said; they may not necessarily go with the global flow. That understanding has led to the success of Safaricom the biggest company in the region. We can stop there to avoid the problem of analysis paralysis but all we can say is that, may the best team win. Boniface Ngahu is a seasoned marketing research expert and runs the Talking Point column in Marketing Africa magazine. He is the Marketing Director of SBO Research. You can commune with him on this or related matters via email at: BNgahu@, or follow him on Twitter @bngahu