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JVZoo Academy Premium Training Course - Selling physical products over JVZoo While many online business owners have seen great success in selling digital products over JVZoo, physical products still have and do sell inside the marketplace. This blog post will cover what you need to consider before deciding to create, or even launch a physical product over the platform. 1. What is a physical product? In another blog post, we talked about what goes into a digital product. A physical product is essentially anything that can be delivered to your customer offline, and is therefore the opposite of a digital product. A physical product will have a lag time between when a customer pays for it, and when they receive it physically in their hands. A physical product most typically will be a paperback or hardcover book, a series of DVDs or CDs with training on them your customer can watch on their computer or TV, a series of printed reports, a physical ticket or invitation to an event, a software hosted on a CD that the customer must use to download a secured software or program onto their computer, or any other physical item you can post in a parcel or letter to your customer. The most popular product you’re likely to come across online in general is a physical book; paperback or hardcover. These sometimes carry more value than an ebook because of the physical “I am holding something I purchased” feeling your customer will receive when they hold it. Even though we’re in the age of the internet, many still prefer to read and make notes in a physical book they can touch. 2. When creating a physical book… When you’re creating a physical product, each has smaller details you must be aware of that you don’t necessarily need to think about when creating a digital product. If we take the example of a physical book, in order to be able to legally be considered as a ‘real book’ in the eyes of the world, you should purchase an ISBN number for it. This is basically a way to register your book within the world’s database of books. It comes in the form of a number with a barcode and must be printed somewhere on your book. Typically, the ISBN number is printed on the back cover. 3. Delivering your physical product This is a big issue: how will you deliver your physical product? You must take into account that if you are selling your product on a platform like JVZoo, you will have customers from all over the world purchasing it. So, you must either restrict customers only from one or a few certain countries to be able to purchase it, or be able to cover your delivery costs no matter where your customer needs it delivered to. Before you start selling, make sure you check with your local post office about what the different costs and delivery times are. It is typical for sellers on JVZoo to give their customers a