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Ammonium Bifluoride Market Revenue, Shares and Growth Rate Forecast to 2025 Ammonium Bifluoride Market Report Includes in-depth analysis of Market Application, Size, Specification, Trends, Major Manufacturers and Business Strategies by Considering Types, Market Segmentation and Analysis. Ammonium bifluoride is acidic and can corrode many metals. It is not explosive or flammable. As a result of reaction with water and perspiration, ammonium bifluoride combines to form hydrofluoric acid. Additionally, ammonium bifluoride, on exposure to water, strong base, high temperatures or strong acids can cause decomposition which leads to liberation of compounds such as ammonia, hydrogen fluoride and nitrogen oxide gases. There is a growing demand for ammonium bifluoride in the market as it is increasingly replacing hydrofluoric acid due to its aggressive nature and reactions. Browse Full Research Report @ Ammonium bifluoride is used in industrial applications and other processes where workplace hazards can occur. Ammonium bifluoride is used across several applications as etching and cleaning agent in the glass industry. It is widely used for cleaning metals before they are processed. Further,