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REVOLUTION IN BULGARIA BY 2030 – Ken Research Research reveals that there will be a decrease in the population of Bulgaria to 6.4 million compared to the year 2015. There will be a sharp decline in the population due to negative natural changes. All the negative natural changes are caused due to falling birth rates and high death rates, plus high rates of evacuation. Urban residents will decline at a slower speed than the rural inhabitants. Bulgaria country analysis ,Bulgaria demography analysis ,Bulgaria economy analysis ,Future outlook of Bulgaria ,Bulgaria urban population , Majority of the Bulgarians reside in the urban areas and speak the national language, Bulgarian. The literacy rate in Bulgaria is 98.6% irrespective of sex. The educational ethics are traditionally high compared to the global standards. The state government provides free education in public schools. Bulgarian population is guaranteed with religious freedom. More than three-quarters of the population belong to Christian community. The second largest community are the Sunni Muslims and the rest of the population do not identify themselves with a specific religion. Bulgarian health care system is financed by taxes and contributions. The majority of deceased cases are related to cardiovascular diseases, neoplasms and respiratory diseases. From 1990’s there was a negative population growth in the state of Bulgaria. The economic downfall has resulted in long-lasting emigration wave. The population growth and birth rates are among the lowest in the world while death rates are among the highest.