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are the restraining factors of overall market. High Voltage Cables & Accessories Market is classified, by type into Overhead, Underground, Submarine. Underground cable systems are approved by many countries to reduce transmission losses and reduce outages by providing continuous power supply. The underground cables & accessories market is driven by the need for greater power to be supplied to urban areas, along with a rising resistance to overhead transmission lines near residential areas. High Voltage Cables & Accessories Market is classified, by product into overhead product (Conductors, Fittings & Fixtures), Underground & Submarine Products (XLPE Cables, MI Cables, Cable Joints, Cable Terminations). XLPE also known as cross-linked polyethylene cables are the most commonly used cables in undergrounding systems. The cable has advanced technology significantly, which has allowed the use of XLPE cables over the fluid-filled cable technology. XLPE provides insulation to cables to make it endure the electric field under rated and transient operating conditions. XLPE cable was the biggest segment for the underground cable systems market in 2015. High Voltage Cables & Accessories Market is classified, by end users into Industrial (Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Utilities, Chemical & Petrochemical and others), Renewable Energy (Wind, Hydropower, tidal, and others), and Infrastructure (Commercial, Residential). High Voltage Cables & Accessories Market is segmented, geographically into North America, Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Get a Sample Copy of This Report @ Asia Pacific accounted for the largest market share of the High Voltage & Accessories Market and is expected to remain dominant over the forecast period. China is leading the regional high voltage cables and accessories market. The service providers and manufacturers are focusing as well as creating huge prospects in the service industry. Besides, private producers & service providers, governments, and manufacturers of cables & accessories are continuously trying to integrate their existing technologies and develop novel ones broadly for increasing the capacity of high voltage transmission and lessening the impact of high voltage transmission adjoining residential areas. Middle East & Africa is the fastest growing region in the High Voltage Cables and Accessories Market. This is due to increasing demand for high voltage cables & accessories is accredited by the investments in T&D, directed by growing infrastructure developments, and developing offshore wind energy generations activities, with a focus on generating electricity domestically. High Voltage Cables & Accessories Market key players are NKT cables Group, Nexans, Prysmian Group, Finolex Cables Ltd., Siemens, ABB Group, Cable Corporation of India Ltd., Brugg Kabel AG and Synergy Cables Ltd. Market Segment: