Market Analysis Report Netherlands Frozen Food Market

Your Catalyst to a Lucrative Business Netherlands Frozen Food Market Share, Size,Growth, Outlook and Forecasts to 2024 | Hexa Research “ Netherlands frozen food market is expected to reach USD 1.77 billion by 2024.” 17 January 2019 Netherlands frozen food market is expected to reach USD 1.77 billion by 2024 and is anticipated to grow further over the forecast period. Increasing employment and working women are among the factors driving the growth of frozen ready meal in the country. Changing lifestyle, consumer preferences for frozen is anticipated to boost market for frozen food produce over the projected period. Furthermore, hectic schedule and increasing work burden leads to less time for house chores such as cooking food which in turn is projected to boost the demand for frozen food products market in the projected period. Convenience, flavor, and high nutritional value compared to fresh food products makes frozen food popular among consumers. Availability of varieties of flavors and increasing popularity of Italian dishes have made frozen pizza popular in the country. As people in the Netherlandss mostly preferred organic and domestically produce food, the market players are increasing awareness regarding frozen food category and are also focusing on adding nutritional value to cater larger population. Rising awareness regarding healthy and nutritious foods is anticipated to create more demand for frozen vegetables in Netherlandss frozen food market. Increasing investment by food giants for new product development and extension of existing brand with added benefits are the factors expected to boost the market for frozen food market in the near future. For instance, Dr Schar introduced gluten free and healthy frozen pizza brand Browse Details of Report @ Follow Us: