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Contributors John Briscoe has published several books on history, law, and of poetry. His poetry and legal, literary and historical essays have been widely published in literary and scholarly journals. Art & Arias ~ A Family Affair BY JOHN KRAFT (Draft v3.0) John Kraft is a full-time artist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work can be found in both private and corporate collections worldwide. Mitchell Marriott is a full-time financial advisor and part-time photographer. Most of all, he’s a loving husband and father, as expressed in his theme song submission. Moving to San Francisco in 1969, she studied writing and became a book and commercial illustrator. In 2010 she won a Silver Finalist Medal in the INDIE Book Awards for her book “Tree Spirits: Tales and Encounters” excerpted for this issue. Heather won the California Supreme Court case: Preston v. State Board of Equalization,, countering unjust taxation of royalties, benefiting all California artists and publishers. Katharine Browning is the owner of Verbena Kitchen in Healdsburg and Tiburon—a food Peter Robinson is the editor of and wine pairing San Francisco Books & Travel and a service working with regular contributing broadcaster to wineries to create KALW 91.7 FM. menus supporting wine sales at private Lily O’Brien is a Bay The richest guy in town… A throwback to the phrase began from the clas Ed Schwartz and public events. Katharine can be Area writer whose his career in wine Wonderful Life, but also a line I sometimes use to describe the goo contacted at verbenakitchen@hotmail. appeared at New in my own life. articles I’m have a Marin-based artist and promotion my wife, Nikki Einfeld com in the San Francisco York’s “21” Club. As his lyric coloratura soprano. We met back in the interests Summer 2003 whil Angela Colombo Chronicle, the Marin in wine of grew, participating in San Francisco Opera’s Merola Program. Heckler focuses her Independent Journal, he moved West to be She wa career on supporting participate in the Pacific Sun, the San closer to the grapes. Ed Progra the company’s prestigious Adler Fellowship projects that build Francisco Classical Voice and Strings has written more than 500 published great opportunity to ask for a second date. After considering the di community and increase Magazine. Passionate about music and articles on wine, food and travel. temperature between Winnipeg and San Francisco, she accepted opportunities for the arts, she has performed as a folk, Mostly recently, Ed was the wine editor 2005 the opera Two years later we reloc the arts and those in were jazz married and classical in singer, and at currently for house. The Nob Hill Gazette. need to have access to enriching and we’ve sings with the Marin Symphony Chorus. continued to build a life infused with both art Wilson and is music - oh Judith M. a impactful experiences. She is currently Alejandro Palacios is daughters Sienna (age 9) and Kira (age 6) feature are already spreading t writer who Director of Development for Marin a media artist who enjoys telling a wide and making us proud. Theatre Company. works in responsive variety of stories Noah Griffin is a former installations and reflecting life in the I admit that while I appreciated opera before Nikki I met, I did weekly syndicated interactive media North Bay, and from art of the extraordinary music and storytelling columnist for the San understanding design. He uses to agriculture to the associate Francisco Examiner video, photography, mysteries of sparkling wine. She is a and a winner of the installation, and mixed media to regular contributor to NorthBay Biz, prestigious Eugene explore the complexity of human and her work has appeared in North Block Award for experiences such as immigration Bay Woman and Marin Independent excellence in journalism. He has been and identity. Alejandro is the Journal’s special sections. She also published in the Boston Globe and Communications & Development writes theater reviews for San Francisco Magazine. He currently Manager for Community Media Center Previously, she worked as a newspaper writes a monthly column for the Marin of Marin. reporter and editor in the educational IJ and is the Founder of The Cole Porter book publishing industry. Heather Preston Society. graduated with honors Michelle Kaufman is the Executive Director of the Marin History Museum. Founded in 1935, the Marin History Museum celebrates the traditions of innovation and creativity of the people of Marin. and distinction from The Art Institute of Chicago, and was named one of Chicago’s outstanding fine artists. She has taught fine art and studied throughout Europe and the world. marin & arts culture Support the Arts with your donation today! visit MARIN ARTS & CULTURE 7