Marin Arts & Culture May 2017 - Page 4

arts culture Written for Marinites and their friends who love the arts Dear Readers We launched Marin Arts & Culture last month, because we believed that Marin needed a new magazine that would showcase the vibrant arts and culture of this wonderful county. We hoped that you would agree, and actively participate in helping us celebrate our diverse community of artists, patrons and nonprofits—and you did! We are most appreciative, and want to say thank you! In this month’s issue, we continue our mission of presenting interesting and innovative stories about people in Marin. The feature story, Cross Stitch Meditation, is about Rick Banghart, a local engineer-turned-artist, who reinvented this fascinating art form by marrying technology and needlepoint. Who knew? The idea for this article came to me through a new friend who just happened to be Banghart’s neighbor. At my presentation for the launch of the first issue, I ended by picking a theme song, The Impossible Dream, which was a natural, because I had so long dreamed of creating a publication that would serve and celebrate the softer side of life: music, art, poetry, dance and all the rest. The premiere issue reflects those dreams. As a former New York City rat, I naturally sought out Richard Kiley’s rendition; I saw him play Don Quixote in the original Man of La Mancha on Broadway. In the search, however, I came across the long forgotten version, which Jim Nabors sang on his TV show, Gomer Pyle. How could I not feature Gomer? We continue to get submissions and suggestions for stories from you … and sometimes from the most interesting sources. We encourage you to continue submitting ideas for articles in Marin Arts & Culture. Maybe you have a neighbor or a friend who does something really interesting that would be worth writing about. I also asked the audience: “What is your theme song?” and someone was listening. A few weeks later, photographer Mitchell Marriott sent me his. I loved the sentiment in the song he chose, so we featured it in this issue. The lyrics are printed . . . so sing along at your desk! Or dance! And now I am asking you—What is your theme song? Finally, we made the decision this month to go nonprofit and offer the magazine for free, because we want Marin Arts & Culture to be accessible to everyone. Many years ago, I worked at a high-tech publication with an editor who had created a software program, which he sent out by request to anyone who wanted it, asking that they just make a donation in any amount they felt comfortable with. Sort of the KQED 4 MARIN ARTS & CULTURE Also in this issue is a video interview about a local artist who reveals his insight into the life of a creator. Take a short journey with him to experience what it is like to live a life of passion. The video was created through a partnership with the Community Media Center of Marin. Meredith Griffin, Founder and Publisher approach. That sounds right to me; no deep pockets here. We will flourish only if the community feels we deserve their support. And since we are a fiscal project of MarinLink, any donation you make will be tax-deductible. Marin Arts & Culture is designed to bring joy, thought and reflection. We’re a community—let’s create this magazine together. To subscribe, sign up on our website, So, what is my theme song for May? I pass the baton to Mitchell Marriott. You’ll find me dancing at my desk. Speaking of dance, thank you Parov Stelar! MA&C