Marin Arts & Culture May 2017 - Page 36

A Moving Experience By Judith M. Wilson F ilm is a medium that reaches people in many ways. As entertainment, it tells stories and enriches lives, but at its best, it stimulates discussion and provokes people to think deeply about issues as well, increasing their understanding and often inspiring them to take action to improve the world. Viewers in Marin County and 36 MARIN ARTS & CULTURE beyond will have an opportunity to experience the power of film paired with conversation on Wednesday, May 10, when screenings of Mill Valley filmmaker Tiffany Shlain’s 50/50 Rethinking the Past, Present & Future of Women + Power take place in more than 3,000 locations around the world, including several locally. The 20-minute film focuses on the need for gender balance and will be the starting point for discussion, and live streaming of a global panel in conversation will give further insight into the topic. “Over 400 studies show that gender equality is better for everyone,” says Shlain, 47, of Mill Valley, whose inspiration for a day dedicated to a worldwide discussion was the 2016 presidential