Marin Arts & Culture May 2017 - Page 24

< Technique: Buy the freshest salmon you can. Pacific or Atlantic is fine; whichever is fresher is the real target. You can buy it by the side or in filets, but steaks won’t really work for this. Have your fishmonger remove the pin bones for you, or do it yourself. This requires a set of tweezers or pliers to pull out the tiny bones running down the center of the flesh so they don’t get swallowed. Mix together dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside. Spread the cheesecloth down on a clean counter and fold it so that it is double-ply. Sprinkle about a half-inch or so of the salt mixture on the cheesecloth and place the salmon skin-side down on top of the salt. Pour the rest of the salt mix over the top of the salmon, covering it. Wrap the salmon securely in the cheesecloth. You don’t have to go crazy; it is really just to catch the juices that will be forced out of the flesh as the fish cures. It will be drippy when you remove it from the Ziploc bag. This is normal. Pop the whole package into the Ziploc bag and try to squeeze the extra air out while you zip. For a Limited Time Only! Place in fridge for two weeks for a full cure. $15 OFF When done, pull the fish out of the bag and cheesecloth, rinse under cold water, and slice against the grain, meaning away from the head and toward the tail. Your First Visit $105 per month Medically Supervised SIMPLE PRACTICAL EFFECTIVE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Medical Group, Inc. 24 MARIN ARTS & CULTURE 4460 Redwood Hwy San Rafael 415 - 446 - 7331 Arrange on a platter and accompany with whatever you like—and impress your guests! Recommended wine pairing: Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee (NV)   Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc (2015)