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Article Submission performance and also because we had to explain to our then three- year-old daughter, Sienna, why BY JOHN v3.0) mommy was KRAFT holding a (Draft knife and covered in blood. More recently and closer to home, she has performed in concert as a soloist with Marin Symphony and is a current member of the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble. In addition to her bel canto work, she is a new music specialist and is often called upon to perform incredibly difficult but fulfilling contemporary pieces. like Apple and Intel and have been invited to participate in events like Art for AIDS (Alliance Health Project), Heroes and Hearts (SF General Hospital Foundation) and ArtSpan’s annual benefit art auction. Most recently, and north of the bridge, I learned that my piece Sky Kiss will appear as the cover image on this year’s Marin Open Studios Guide. In my new Flower Power mixed-media series, I celebrate th Art & Arias ~ A Family Affair My artistic path has had a few more twists and turns. With degrees in mechanical and marine engineering, it was not until my late 20s that I started pursuing a life as a visual Summer of Love. These compositions allude to the flower ch In my new Flower Power mixed- that love can change the world. This visual art reconnects to titles of each piece are taken from songs released in 1967. T media series, I celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Our da These compositions allude to the I referred earlier to this being the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, but it also have d flower children, who believed as happens I do to be the year that I’ll turn 50. Milestones like this cause one to pause and for art reflect. In the material sense, I concede to not having a flashy car or a home on the ho that love can change the world. beach This or a bursting portfolio of stocks, but in all the ways that count I indeed feel like see the expres richest guy in town. visual art reconnects to the world of it be th ** has alr music as the titles of each piece are Alice a You can learn more about John’s art at and Nikki’s upcoming taken from songs released in 1967. performances at in Pete to mim Think Monkees, not Mozart. Video Links: melod Nikki performing with Left Coast Chamber Ensemble: The richest guy in town… A throwback to Sienna the phrase the classic movie, It’s a Our daughters and Kira from have time si v=su69RgTnGhc new-m inherited our to love for art the good fortune I’ve found Wonderful Life, but also a line definitely I sometimes use describe John painting his SF Heart for Heroes and Hearts: make v=IXrcwumBTXA and music. wonderful to see how in my own life. I’m a Marin-based artist It’s and my wife, Nikki Einfeld, is a Canadian-born school Wiggle free children can be in expressing sense lyric coloratura soprano. We met back in the Summer of 2003 while she was themselves—whether it be through participating in San Francisco art Opera’s Merola Program. She selected to the Love, was but it later also happens to be or song. Sienna has already year that I’ll which turn 50. gave Milestones participate in the company’s prestigious Program, me like a performed as Adler Alice in Fellowship Alice and artist. To this day, my background in Wonderland and Peter in Peter Pan. this cause one to pause and reflect. great opportunity to ask for a second date. After considering the difference in engineering informs both my style In the material sense, I concede to Kira often attempts to mimic she the accepted temperature between Winnipeg and San Francisco, my proposal and we and my process as an artist. not having a flashy car or a home sometimes atonal melody lines and were married in 2005 at the opera house. Two years later we on relocated to Marin, where the beach or a bursting portfolio With my digital work, I first create mind-bending time signatures in one we’ve continued to build a life of infused with both art and music oh, and of - stocks, but in kids! all the Our ways that visual elements with traditional Nikki’s new-music pieces, which daughters Sienna (age 9) and Kira (age 6) are already spreading their creative wings count I indeed feel like the richest painting methods—acrylics, pastels can make for an interesting drive to and making us those proud. etc. I then digitize elements school. It’s a far cry from the Wiggles. guy in town. MA&C and combine them with digital The girls are in every sense our pride Visit John at Marin Open Studios, I’ve while been fortunate joy. before Nikki and I met, details and view I illustration. admit that I appreciated and opera I did at not have a complete over the years to have my work Nikki’s upcoming at I referred earlier to this being the associated understanding of the extraordinary music and storytelling with performances the art form. featured or exhibited by companies . 50th anniversary of the Summer of 16 MARIN ARTS & CULTURE