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arts culture JUNE 2017 E D I TO R I A L Founder/Publisher Meredith Griffin E d i t o r- A t - L a r g e Noah Griffin Copy Editor Lily O’Brien Editorial Contributors Katharine Browning Bruce Burtch Rex Danegeld Mary Denton Janet Gallin R . W. G r e e n e Noah Griffin Michelle Kaufman Erma Murphy Lily O’Brien Alejandro Palacios Va l e r i e S h a w Jacob Siderman Judith M. Wilson ART Art Director Phaedra Strecher Q A My bumper popped off on one side, why? Most plastic bumper covers on modern cars are held on by tabs that hook into a retainer on the body of the car. These tabs are very temperamental and if they don’t break or tear, often, the cover can be re- attached. If the tabs tear, the bumper cover and retainer must be replaced. If bumper covers were not so low on the vehicle, and perhaps NOT held on by tabs, they would not ‘pop’ off so easily. This is a manufacturer’s design issue. Q I settled with the insurance company and now I want to get the job done cheaper, can you help? A A common misconception is that insurance companies actually pay MORE for repairs than the repairs will cost. In most cases, the insurance amount is much less, even 50% of the required amount to fix a vehicle correctly. If you care about a safe, quality repair, you must be honest with the body shop and let them negotiate with the insurance company in order to get enough money to do a good job. And expect to pay your deductible to a quality, professional auto body shop. Cover Design Peter Rodgers AD VERTISING A DV I S O RY B OA R D Ken Bloom Noah Griffin Bob Heinen Jacqueline Janssen Andree Jansheski Richard Jensen Mike Morrisey Mary O’Mara Phaedra Strecher 415-456-1992 Follow us! Marin Arts & Culture is a project of MarinLink cargrrrl @ MARIN ARTS & CULTURE 5