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Massachusetts, in a Masters of Arts Administration and Education program. While at Lesley she began her new arts management career as the gallery and theater manager for the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. In 1996, Calicchio applied for a position as director of theater operations at Ohlone College in Fremont. “I wasn’t very good at staying in one place for very long and had always wanted to check out California and specifically the Bay Area because of it’s theatre and culture. I was told on the interview that Fremont was close to San Francisco -a jump on BART,” Calicchio says with a laugh. She got the job, moved to California and made her West Coast debut. A few years later, she decided to make a switch, and her love of dance brought her to her next position, Executive Director of the Diablo Ballet in Walnut Creek, during their heyday. And in 2001, Calicchio moved to Marin County, where she spent the next six years as managing director of Marin Theatre Company (MTC) in Mill Valley. She also fell in love – with actor Michael Janes. They married and now have two children, Isabella and Elia. While at MTC, Calicchio was recruited to take the managing director positon at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. “I was very proud to be a part of this program,” says Calicchio. The Children’s Theatre is one of the nation’s highest-profile children’s theaters, and is the only company focused on a young audience to receive a Tony Award for regional theater. But the weather soon became a problem. “I loved the job, but hated the cold,” says Calicchio. “Winter was coming and I received a call from a recruiter letting me know that a “I must have been 8 or 9 years old and I knew from that moment that the theater was the life I wanted. It was a passion that I was able to hold onto and a passion that I was able to follow.” position was open at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. I grew up in a tiny town in Vermont with no television and had never been to Disneyland. I also had never run a museum,” she explained. She won the postion after an extensive nationwide search, bringing her back to the Bay Area in 2011. While there, she increased their profile, doubled the attendance, developed a special exhibitions program, increased public engagement and created a strong strategic plan to establish the museum as a popular tourist destination. After successfully carrying out these initiatives, she left the museum in 2013 to pursue consulting work. In the summer of 2014, Jim Farley, the director of the Department of Cultural Services for the County of Marin, retired after 40 years. Enter Calicchio, selected by the Board of Supervisors to take his place. Immediately, Calicchio was off and running at full speed, dealing with decades of deferred maintenance, and launching a strategic planning process. In December of 2015 she started a new nonprofit named Marin Cultural Association whose mission is to support art and culture in Marin County including enhancing the programs and facilities at the Marin Center and Marin County Fair. In 2018 she will launch a planning process to develop an inclusive countrywide art and culture plan. The plan includes working with the Marin Coalition for the Arts and other organizations to increase the profile of the arts in our community and eventually get a dedicated funding source for the arts. Through both the strategic planning process and the countywide art and culture plan she will continue working on the Marin Center campus with the goal of transforming the campus to an art and cultural hub for the community. Calicchio’s duties also include running the beloved Marin County Fair. Under her direction, in 2016, the fair themed “On With the Show!” won top honors and 34 other awards from the Western Fairs Association. This included the Merrill Award, the highest award in the fair industry, for the ongoing “healthy fair” initiative, promoting healthy choices from food vendors, maintaining a smoke free fair, and and ensuring all vendors selling alcohol go through responsible beverage service training. In 2016, the, the 75 th anniversary of the Marin County Fair, Western Fairs Association honors also included “featured program award” for the collaboration with Schools Rule Marin. Attendance at the fair has increased for each of the years under Calicchio’s management. The theme for this year’s Marin County Fair, running June 30 to July 4 is “Let the Funshine In.” They will be celebrating the 50 th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, so put on your bell bottoms and tie-dye and come take a “trip” back in time, with headliners including the 5 th Dimension, the Commodores and Ann Wilson of Heart. Far out! MAC MARIN ARTS & CULTURE 33