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Transcendence Theatre Company Broadway Under the Sonoma Stars By Noah Griffin M ore often than not, organizations reflect the personality, philosophy and hopefully the purpose of their founders. And nowhere is that truer than with Amy Miller, Artistic Director of Transcendence Theatre Company (TTC). Not named for, but in a shared bond with the great transcendentalists of the 19th century, Miller took the name “Transcendence” based on the desire to use musical theater to bring communities together and raise the quality of life for everyone 24 MARIN ARTS & CULTURE it touches. She believes that going “within” and getting in touch with a “centering force,” allows her to be of maximum service to her audience. From the early age of 5, this native Cincinnatian knew what she wanted to do: act, sing and dance on Broadway. How could her grandparents have known that sitting her down to watch Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man on TV would have such a strong effect on her? Miller loved it, remembering that experience to this day. Of all the major influences in her life, and there have been many, she still credits her McAuley High School drama and dance coaches Claire Deal and Nancy Roberts as having the most significant impact on her professional life. Miller keeps in touch with both of them, as well as with the Cincinnati Young People’s Theatre, which helped her back in the day. Applying to and auditioning for various colleges, she settled on Otterbein University near Columbus, Ohio. It was close by and allowed