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elements that would showcase the theme of kindness in their final art piece. Their creations were eventually transferred to a personally designated space on a large paved area between the school buildings. Their final art installation efforts produced an incredible array of chalk art and the creative activities extended beyond that day—every child kept their boxed set of chalk pastels to continue creating at home. do it all around the Bay Area, via a constellation of innovative programs and a team of supremely compassionate, talented individuals. “Art expression allows our students a medium to identify their individuality, while also acknowledging the inclusiveness within our school community and the world at large,” says Jolene Yee, principal at The Hunt School. “The theme of kindness during our Diversity Week centered around classroom lessons, really life lessons, that reach beyond the usual four classroom walls with this wonderful sense of collaboration, inventiveness, discovery, and joy, that had a stunning visual impact,” she adds. “We are immensely grateful for the generosity of the Italian Street Painting Foundation for the opportunity to enrich our students’ lives.“ To learn more about Sunny Hills Services, visit The Irene M. Hunt School of Marin (The Hunt School) is a Sunny Hills special education school based in San Anselmo that serves children ages 5 to 17 whose educational and behavioral challenges are too severe to be handled in a traditional public school. The Hunt School’s curriculum incorporates music, storytelling, poetry and visual arts, providing students with ways to express complex thoughts, feelings, fears and struggles, sometimes when words and traditional talk therapy are not enough. Last June, The Hunt School’s students were the lucky recipients of an Italian Street Painting Foundation grant that resulted in an exciting, high-energy art installation. Students worked with a talented local artist, Patti Oji, who introduced the idea of the art installation as they explored design concepts like scale, color and medium. Students enjoyed the creative process of capturing design MARIN ARTS & CULTURE 17