Mariage Chic 2018 MARIAGE CHIC_019 DIGITAL VERSION - Page 72

70 Destination Wedding GOWN IDEAS No matter your style, 2018 is the year for daring gowns and romantic creations. Be ready to make heads turns on your big day. This year’s wedding gowns are fun, interesting, and oh so very CHIC! Relying on captivating detailing and extraordinary designs, wedding dresses highlight personality and style along with tradition and sentiment. Wedding gowns are glamorous, fashionable, and extraordinary! They speak to every type of bride: the trendy, the sophisticated and the traditional in ways that express femininity and inventiveness. What kind of bride do you want to be? The Hopeless Romantic Romance is always at the heart of a wedding. And finding that ideal wedding dress is one of the most important assignments you will have on your “to do” list right after the engagement. Look out for traditional dress styles with a modern twist. Multiple layers of tulle, in white, pink, or other shades bring the fairytale to life. Billowing skirts and flutter sleeves, lacy embellishments and glittery trims add a feminine touch. Let’s face it: it’s always “in” to feel like Cinderella on your wedding day. Enjoy it. Live ever VBFFRgVW7BFRG&VB6WGFW b&VrG&FF2W7BBf"RF22FRV"FvWB'&VBFW6vW'0fR7&VFVB6f66FpFW&FfW2FR76&ƗFW2&RVFW72֖G&W76W2&RF&r76&ƗGf FR'&FRvvG2F7G'WBFvFP6RWFR֖G&W726fW'F&Pvv2&R6f&RvFf&W0FW&W7FrF26RfVGW&R6VW VWfVVƖW2FBvfRFR6'BখFW&W7FrFV66R&Vf6'G2vfRW"G&W72FRV&6R`&vvvRFW'26rG2`FR6'BG&W726FRFW&RgV@7&VFfR6WFFfrB67B7V6VVv&W26VF2fRW&pVƗGFB27V'FRBFfRvF66RGFVFFFRfBBf'&2FW6Pvv2VrFR&G6gBf'&72ƖR6ư&RF7FwV6VBvFFGFWF2ƖP7vWGF7G&2"7V62bvƗGFW"FV"GFVFw&&&rGG&'WFW06'&FRRvrVVVB7V60FVWbV6"R6VFW"&VFV@"vǒV&VƗ6VB'G&B&60'&rFBƗGFR( ƦRR62V( FFW'v6R6RFW6vW&@G&W726FW'2FR&GB6Ɩ淐VFFW&VBG&W722G&F2FW"F27G&W72"6'B6VWfVBvv2vF6W"7WB6R&RFW&B677खvFRFRvFW"fR7F'&Vv2vFFRG&W72bW"G&V2WBW"W'6ƗG6RFR7@V&&RFbW"ƖfR