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28 How to find the right hairstyle for your wedding Glamorous curls romantic braids or chic updos, here is how to select the best hairstyle to say “I do” by Karine Robidas Headgear: A lengthy wedding veil can be quite heavy and require a specific hairdo. Start by choosing your headpiece before picking a hairstyle. Weather: While July and August are great months f or weddings, they also tend to be humid. Make sure to select a style that will stay in place no matter the weather. Texture: While a great hairdresser can do wonders, the texture of your hair ultimately determines the style. For example, bouncy curls might not be the best choice for someone with thin, straight hair, same as a sleek look can be rather complicated for someone with thicker hair. Hair trial: Before your big day, book a hair trial. Bring your veil or other hair accessories to see the whole look. If possible, book your appointment in the morning and go on with your day to put it to the test. Don’t make drastic changes: If you usually keep your hair long and natural, trying a short, bleached, pixie cut right before the wedding might not be the best idea. Try not to stray too far from what you already have. Pick your dress: Be mindful of your dress. Pay attention to the neckline, the sleeves and the amount of beading and sparkles. Keep your hair natural if you have a detailed dress or go all out if your dress is simple. Think complementary, not matchy. Shape of your face Here is a quick breakdown of face shapes and what works best: Long face: Wearing your hair long and down will only make your face look longer. Try to put your hair up and add fullness around your cheekbones and ears to create balance. Round face: High updos is your best friend. Avoid too much volume and curls around your face as this can make your face even rounder. Also stay clear of too tight and slick styles. Square face: Pull your hair away from your face to smooth out your features. Try a softer look. Parting your hair off center can help make your face less angular.