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128 The PERFECT VINTAGE Wedding Beautiful silverware, romantic loveseats and lavish flower arrangements are what vintage wedding dreams are made of. Unfortunately, most of us did not inherit family heirlooms from a great uncle who happened to be a lord. Luckily, there are many ways to create the perfect vintage wedding on a commoner budget. 1 2 Find An Era Rockabilly, Downton Abbey or the Great Gatsby, no matter the style, do your research by reading books and watching movies portraying the era. Rent Antiques Whether you are looking for a jukebox for your retro theme or extravagant candelabra for your roaring twenties wedding, everything is rentable. Consult rental boutiques or even your local antique shop. 3 Incorporate a Theme Don’t be afraid to dig into your grandmother’s closet. Your perfect pearl necklace or dainty tiara might be closer than you think. Can’t find what you are looking for? Many bridal boutiques offer a wide selection of dresses inspired by different eras. 4 Pick Music Choose music that will set the tone for your wedding. A string trio will do wonders for a Victorian or Edwardian wedding, while a big band will bring a jazz feel to your reception and ceremony. 5 The Right Car A pink Cadillac, a horse-drawn carriage or a Ford Model-T are all great options to arrive in style on your big day. 6 The Invitation Let your guests know the style of wedding they are cordially invited to by giving a vintage feel to your invitations. 7 by Karine Robidas First Dance Take a break from planning and sign up for dance classes with your husband-to-be. Vienna Waltz or a Rock and Roll routine, it’s time to get creative! 8 The Venue Finding a venue that already has that vintage feel might be a bit expensive, but it will significantly cut down the decoration costs in the long run. 9 Choose the Right Material Pearls, feathers, velvet, lace and other luxurious material show a certain attention to detail. Use tea sets for a Victorian touch or a mix of Mason Jars and wood for a country chic look.