Margins Magazine Issue 1 - Page 12

BUTTERFLY HIJAB ED MAYHEW 12 BUTTERFLY HIJAB When I have time to visit St James’s Park in my lunch break, I try to pick a bench that is not already occupied, but in a rush today, I took a spot beside a young girl whose hijab was covered in butterflies. She was attractive, eyes extended by dark liquid eyeliner, lips bright rouge. I wondered whether I should be so surprised by the colours of her headscarf. White cotton, patterned with pink, purple and terracotta butterflies of differing sizes. A few were resting, but most were printed fluttering up and down the side of her head. I opened my briefcase and took out my lunch. The plastic wrap stuck to my cheese-and-tomato sandwich, which I had thrown together a moment before running for my pre-sunrise train. The bread sagged and \