March Issue, 2013 Vol. 30 #8 - Page 23

by Sarah McGoldrick future C anada has always been a leader in medical research. This has been taken even further by Canadian based company iSYS Adaptive Optics Inc., and its founder Garth Webb. The British Columbia based optometrist has developed a bionic lens which can be used for an array of eye conditions and potentially nonmedical use. The lens provides perfect vision without the need for corrective lenses through the use of ‘augmented reality’. “This will change the entire industry,” said Webb adding there is no other technology like it on the market today. He notes this type of lens is not about simply correcting eye conditions, but restoring the eye to its original, healthy state. The adaptive lenses are liquid filled lens compartments that function under water or in open space. They are designed for human lens replacement such as in the event of cataract sugery. The ‘bionic lens’ consists of the adaptive lens together with a selfinflating suspension system. The suspension system comprises of water absorptive material that expands to press against an adaptive lens and allow the eye to focus on distant objects. Webb notes many eye conditions destroy the functionality of the eye as a whole such as cataracts. “As the cataract progresses it begins decaying in the eye and there is a putrification of the lens material,” said Webb. The bionic lens is inserted into the eye and self-inflates to replace and occupy the same space as a traditional lens. OPTICAL PRISM | MARCH 2013 19